What is Life Coaching?

Through life coaching, you will be able to see your own value (maybe for the first time). Basically, working with me is like working with a personal trainer for your heart and mind. 


I will help you with goals, life transitions, limiting beliefs, or working through the day-to-day challenges of motherhood, your career, marriage or whatever you are looking to improve about your life.

About Me

Hi! I'm Kristen!

I have always loved learning and helping people so when I went through the pain and grief from very difficult life circumstances, I promised myself that I would find a renewed purpose and share the amazing tools that helped me find myself again.


I would love to share my amazing tools to help YOU uncover the path that is uniquely yours... so that you can consistently be the woman you want to be and create the life and experiences you want to have.


Start Your Journey


Step 1: Join my Facebook Group for insight and support


Step 2: Explore what life coaching would look like for you


Step 3: Book a 45-60 Minute Virtual Discovery Call


Step 4: Commit to your 12 week journey with me as your coach


Client Success


“I had my first life coaching session with Kristen today to help me overcome facing a problem I have been putting off for sometime now. I loved how she helped me to reframe my negative thinking and had me focus on all of the positivity that will come from accomplishing my goal"

~Denise D.


"Working with Kristen has changed my life. What previously weighed me down with guilt and self-blame I now see as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to create joyful collaboration and exponential growth"


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