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Let's Transform Your Life


 Consultation with Kristen

45 minute Initial Consult via Zoom- Free 
The consultation is free and lasts about 45 minutes. During the conversation, I learn as much as possible about you: hopes, dreams, goals, fears, and life circumstances. Together, we both decide if the relationship is a good fit. The client must desire change or clarity of some kind in order to benefit from coaching services. The client is free to walk away from the discovery session at any time.

10 Week Coaching Package

Coaching Package 
10 weekly sessions- 45 minutes each via Zoom

Client Success


"After coaching, my career goals are clear and I have a plan forward for what I ultimately desire. Coaching with Kristen was a great experience and I look forward to working with her again!"

~ Camilla R. 


“I can sum up coaching with Kristen in 3 words: Safe. Empowering. Transformational. Highly recommended!”

~ S.D.

“I had my first life coaching session with Kristen today to help me overcome facing a problem I have been putting off for sometime now. I loved how she helped me to reframe my negative thinking and had me focus on all of the positivity that will come from accomplishing my goal.

~Denise D.


"Working with Kristen has changed my life. What previously weighed me down with guilt and self-blame I now see as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to create joyful collaboration and exponential growth."

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