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2024 Mindset Reset

Are you feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, burned out by giving so much to others there's nothing left for you--or like you just want more peace & managed mind?

The Mindset Reset program will give you tools to:
stop overthinking, release people-pleasing tendencies,
be less reactionary to other people & situations and

make decisions confidently and easily. 

so you can feel calm and in control of your life. 

Limited Offer available to new clients until January 31, 2024.   
No consult call necessary.  Purchase package below. 
ll sessions must be completed by within 30 days.

Woman Working on Laptop

3 Session Coaching Package

Three 45 minute Coaching Calls - $249
All Sessions must be used within 30 days

Client Success


“I can sum up coaching with Kristen in 3 words: Safe. Empowering. Transformational. Highly recommended!”

~ S.D.


Kristen was incredibly helpful.  I was having  a lot of fear and overwhelm and she gave me great tools & insight to manage so much better! I am definitely happier and mentally healthier after working with her. 

~Michael F.

“I had my first life coaching session with Kristen today to help me overcome facing a problem I have been putting off for sometime now. I loved how she helped me to reframe my negative thinking and had me focus on all of the positivity that will come from accomplishing my goal.

~Denise D.


"Working with Kristen has changed my life. What previously weighed me down with guilt and self-blame I now see as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to create joyful collaboration and exponential growth."

~Summer C.

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